IT Operation/ Datacenter automation

Solutions increase your IT efficiency, ensure compliance, and automate routine manual processes while complying to ITIL Processes..


Accelerate application release by improving team coordination, planning, and execution—speeding your time to market for new applications.

Cloud Management

Solution helps you optimize your multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure with actionable data from monitoring, automation, capacity, and analytics tools.

Smart Farming

Spidy a technology that allows walking safely into the agriculture IoT field,by tying together different sensors, connected devices, and farming facilities.

Smart Healthcare

Solution that allows healthcare system integration to establish a cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices and related software systems. Taking healthcare to rural areas and beyond.


Solution that integrates smart meters, sensors, and custom device gateway (SPIDY) can be used for real-time monitoring of local and city-wide electrical power distribution, consumption of water, gas emissions, traffic load, and other city vitals.


Extends and unifies comprehensive workflow automation across disparate systems and applications, through out-of-the-box integration packs with IT and security solutions and services