Intelligent Automation

Securely take charge of their infrastructure by transparently and remotely managing servers, desktops, mobile devices (notebooks and handhelds), home-based desktops and embedded systems—all from a central management console.

Service based Automation

Uptime a key promise..

The solution is ideal for growing and distributed businesses around the globe that want to streamline systems management and automate IT operations.

Simplify and automate diverse batch application workloads with the next wave of IT automation—digital business automation. Move beyond traditional workload automation and adapt to modern IT technologies and processes

Intelligent Reporting

Generate the most dynamic reports in click of a button..

In the modern digital business, reporting for the sake of reporting becomes extinct and data becomes the currency that guides and drives all decisions and actions. IT operations management helps to:

• Break down IT information silos and automatically organize multi-structured data from diverse, dynamic sources

• Empower the IT operations management team to turn meaningless data into actionable information that supports decisive action

The Advantage

Why Dolphin Has The Edge

Comprehensive integrated management and operational reports. Customizable. Always available. View online or export to HTML, Word or Excel.

Get work done while you sleep with the Workflow Scheduler, allowing you to execute non-critical tasks outside business hours

View the Audit Trail, displaying the logged details of each workflow executed (time, activity, status, result, etc.)

Effortless Orchestration..

Now drag drop and orchestrate on a single screen using our workflow manager... Reuse the same workflow any number of times without having to recreate the flow..